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Do you want to have more fun and learn more with your team? Do you want to discover new ways of working that will help you deliver awesome products and services to your customers? If so, you might want to join our agile workshops.

We have a bunch of workshops that cover different topics related to agile. Our workshops are not boring lectures, but interactive sessions where you get to play, experiment, and collaborate with others. You will also learn practical skills and tools that you can use in your own.

Check out our workshop catalogue below and book your spot today. We can’t wait to see you at one of our workshops soon!

Scrum Lake Deep Dive

This is an advanced workshop for scrum masters, coaches, and product owners who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in scrum. This workshop is also on a Miro canvas, but it explores the entire lake and its hidden secrets. Participants will have the opportunity to share their stories, challenges, and insights and come up with there own actions to take away.

Just a small selection of Happy Scrum Lake participants from previous workshops - Gregory, Ovidiu, Jamie, Marion, Kapil, Richard, Gianni, Tom and Katrin

We are very proud that Scrum Lake workshops are consistently well received, we sell tickets directly to leading agilists from across the planet via our direct to consumer site ScrumLake.com, but you can book a private workshop at your organisation.

Scrum Lake Co-Creative Canvas

Scrum Lake Lakeside

This is a scrum simulation workshop where participants build a city by a lake using Scrum on a Miro canvas. This workshop is ideal for people who are new to scrum or for squad kick-offs.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to experience what it is like being on a Scrum Team, it is an introductory workshop.

Scrum Lake Lakeside, Scrum Simulation

Scrum Builders Game

This is a one-hour game that helps people understand the effects of organizational culture, leadership style, and behaviours on agility. It is a great way to introduce agile concepts and values to your teams and stakeholders and to spark discussions about how to improve your agile maturity.

Challenge your assumptions, and see how agile teams behave under didn't organisational Conditions

A Game of Scrum Builders

User Story Writing and Agile Estimation

This is a skill that every team should master, and certainly key for product owners as it is often the foundation of effective communication and collaboration with a scrum team and stakeholders.

Better clarify what you understand together

User Story Writing and Estimation

User Story Mapping

This is a technique for creating a visual map of your product backlog that shows the big picture of your user journey and the features that support it. It helps you prioritize your user stories based on value and risk, and plan your releases accordingly. I can help you create your user story map using Miro or other tools, and guide you through the process of validating your assumptions and testing your hypotheses.

See the bigger picture, together with your team

User Story Mapping

Example Mapping

his is a technique for creating user stories that are clear, concise, and testable. It involves breaking down user stories into rules and examples, using a simple format that can be easily understood by everyone involved. I can teach you how to use example mapping effectively in your product backlog refinement sessions, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Explore and understand the behavior you actually need as a group together, before implementing

Example Mapping, agreeing on what behaviors

This is just a small selection of the workshops we offer, please contact us to schedule the workshop, you need. We have very happy to customise to fit your current needs.
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